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    A global market leader for baby bottles, baby teats, obstetrics, milk storage & pasteurisation equipment for donor human milk.

    Bottles, Teats, Obstetrics, Milk Storage & Pasteurisation

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    Medicare Colgate is the UK and EU distributor for the global market leading range of Obstetrics products. The Briggs range of Obstetrics are the highest quality products being made in the U.S.A.

    Global Market Leading Obstetrics Range

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    Medicare Colgate has been awarded the NHS framework for Gynaecological products for speculums and pessary rings which are now readily available through NHS Supply Chain.

    Gynaecology Products Of The Highest Safety & Quality

SteriFeed is the worldwide market leader for pasteurisation equipment, supplying to over 65 countries with Pasteurisation equipment for donor Human Milk Banks & special diets. MediCare Colgate trading as SteriFeed is also proud to be a leader in the supply of high quality milk storage bottles & Baby Care Products. We have in more recent years added Obstetrics and Gynaecological Products to our range, which are now readily available through the NHS Supply Chain. Find out more about us.


Featured News: SteriFeed Milk Safe Box

Sterifeed MilkSafe, putting parents in control of securely storing their expressed breastmilk. Integrating Family Centred Care into the care plan of newborn babies is becoming a very important element in the overall care provision of babies on the neonatal unit.

One integral part of this is the ability of the parents to be heavily involved in feeding their baby. Currently the majority of hospital maternity and neonatal wards use a lockable fridge to store mothers expressed breast milk or special feeds... Read More

The Queens Award for International Trade

MediCare Colgate wins the 2020 Queen's Award for International Trade. The Queen's award is the highest UK official award for British Business. Read More