Data Logger

Unlike some other pasteurisers on the market, the Sterifeed Pasteurisation system has a data logger which records the key ‘milk temperature’ and not the water bath temperature.

The Sterifeed data logger does not require a direct connection to a PC. The data logger comes with an installation disk, which when installing the programme to the PC, automatically selects the correct instruction language from the PC. Once the disk has been installed the data logger can be started via a USB cable.  This can then be disconnected from the PC and connected to the bottle probe to be place in the pasteuriser.

The data logger takes a reading of the milk temperature for every minute the milk is in the pasteuriser. The data logger also records the time and the date of the cycle. Once the pasteurisation cycle is complete the information can be downloaded via the USB to the PC. This gives a permanent record of the satisfactory treatment of every batch. The Sterifeed data logger enables the customer to have data verification and proof of treatment for all milk or formulae pasteurised with instant data retrieval.

The data can also be printed in either graph view or list format so that proof of treatment can be clearly read. The data can also be sent electronically.

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