Foil Seal Breast Milk Storage Bottles

One of the most important developments from Sterifeed is the induction sealed cap closure for storage baby bottles, providing absolute security during pasteurisation and transportation up to the point of use. Used in conjunction with the Sterifeed Data Logger, batch codes provide confirmation that the bottle has been pasteurised in accordance with published medical standards identifying source, formula or donor.

The safety seal will prevent even minute volumes of water diluting the milk during pasteurisation and cooling. The seals feature a tab to avoid touching the neck of the baby bottle when removing the tamper evident foil seal. The above method now answers many doctors apprehension regarding the professional handling of pasteurised breast milk.

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Product codes

  • 14094 – 50ml Disposable Foil Seal Baby Bottle
  • 14194 – 50ml Disposable Foil Seal Baby Bottle in tamper evident bag
  • 14097 – 100ml Reusable Foil Seal Baby Bottle
  • 14197 – 100ml Reusable Foil Seal Baby Bottle in tamper evident bag
  • 14095 – 130ml Reusable Baby Bottle
  • 14195 – 130ml Reusable Foil Seal Baby Bottle in tamper evident bag
  • 14096 – 250ml Reusable Foil Seal Baby Bottle
  • 14196 – 250ml Reusable Foil Seal Baby Bottle in tamper evident bag
  • 14093 – 500ml Reusable Foil Seal Baby Bottle

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