NEW – Induction Cap Sealer

SteriFeed are delighted to announce the arrival of our new ICS800 Induction sealer. The SteriFeed sealer enables customers to attach a foil seal to their bottle of donor breast milk before processing.
Using the foil sealing system means the user can safely submerge bottle and cap in the pasteuriser so that the entire bottle and cap is treated in both the heating and the cooling phase of the pasteuriser cycle.

WHO Guidelines advise when preparing feeds – “ in Health Care settings tamper proof lids/seals are recommended for all prepared feeds”

Advantages of the SteriFeed
foil seal system :

• Tamper evident seal
• Easy open
• Improved oxygen barrier
• Leak resistance
• Transportation security benefits
• Improved safety when pasteurising

The ICS sealer has improved

• Pass / Fail programme
• Quicker and easy to use
• Counter to count batches
• User friendly touch screen
• Choice of languages

The ISC800 sealer will
alert users if:

• No foil seal is present
• Incomplete seal
• Multiple seals
• The seal is wet

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