NEW – Milk Safe Box

Secure EBM and Special Feeds with MilkSafe

The SteriFeed MilkSafe Box aids the secure storage of Expressed breastmilk and Special Feeds in the ward fridge.
Each parents’ bottles should be stored in a safe and secure way. With the increased use of unlocked fridges to allow the parents more involvement in the preparation and administration of their infants feeds it is becoming more important to secure each bottle with equipment that stops potential tampering or milk misadministration.
The Milksafe Box comes in two sizes. MSB001 will hold 3 bottles and MSB002 will hold up to 8 bottles. The boxes are compact and hygienic with changeable combination locks allowing parents to have different secure codes which only they and the staff will have access to. Coupled with a master key this allows only the parents and staff access to the mothers milk.
This secure option can allow parents to put mums expressed milk in the fridge and retrieve it when needed allowing the parents to see how much milk they have and be safe in the knowledge that the milk is locked away.

Box dimensions:

MSB001 will hold 3 bottles

MSB001: 170mm Wide x 130mm High x 115mm Deep

MSB002: 170mm Wide x 130mm High x 190mm Deep

MSB002 will hold up to 8 bottles

Manufactured from recycled plastic. Box is recyclable (not the lock)

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