Miris Human Milk Analyser

Miris Human Milk Analyser

A new tool for individualized infant nutrition.

MIRIS Human Milk Analyzer is based on approved IR-technology

Infrared transmission spectroscopy in combination with a new, unique
patented technique. The accuracy is high and all components are
analysed in one single run. The results are presented on the display of
the instrument and can easily be transferred to your PC. The instrument
has been evaluated for breast milk analysis at the University Hospital
in Lund, Sweden, University of Western Australia and is today being
used at several university teaching hospitals around the world. MIRIS
Human Milk Analyzer is CE approved for In vitro diagnostics according
to European Commission Directive 98/79/EC.


  • Fat, protein, lactose, energy and dry matter
  • Results within 60 seconds
  • No chemicals needed
  • Built in computer
  • Can be connected to external PC
  • Small sample size
  • Easy handling
  • Portable

A global market leader for baby bottles, baby teats, obstetrics, milk storage & pasteurisation equipment for donor human milk.

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