Plastibell® Circumcision Device

A circumcision procedure requiring no special post-operative care or dressing means a significant saving in terms of time and money. The disposable Plastibell® Circumcision Device eliminates the need for repetitive and costly sterilisation required of stainless steel clamps.

Product Features

  • One piece device plus ligature, clear plastic construction provides visual access at all times
  • Produces a clean line of excision helping to promote rapid healing
  • No post-operative care or special dressing required
  • Sterile, individually packaged in six sizes and assortment pack

Product Codes

  • 9210 – Plastibell Hospital Assortment Pack
  • 9230 – Plastibell Physician Assortment Pack
  • 9231 – Plastibell Physician Bulk 1.1cm
  • 9232 – Plastibell Physician Bulk 1.2cm
  • 9233 – Plastibell Physician Bulk 1.3cm
  • 9234 – Plastibell Physician Bulk 1.4cm
  • 9235 – Plastibell Physician Bulk 1.5cm
  • 9237 – Plastibell Physician Bulk 1.7cm

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