U-Bag® Urine Specimen Collector

The U-Bag® Urine Specimen Collector is the first choice in convenience, protection and care for an infant’s tender skin.

Product Features

  • Transparent butterfly patch makes application and removal easy and accurate
  • Compatible and comfortable for male and female anatomy
  • Double chambered construction with no-fl ow back valve keeps urine away from skin to help prevent irritation and potential contamination
  • Adhesive patch can be folded in half to send sealed specimen to laboratory
  • Premature size ideal for NICU and low birth weight infants

Product Codes

  • 7501 – U bag – Non Sterile Standard Adhesive Paediatric Size
  • 7505 – U bag – Non Sterile Standard Adhesive New born Size
  • 7511 – U bag – Sterile Standard Adhesive Paediatric Size
  • 7515 – U bag – Sterile Standard Adhesive New Born Size
  • 7513 – U bag – 24 hr Sterile Standard Adhesive Paediatric Size
  • 7531 – U bag –  Sterile Cloth Adhesive Paediatric Size
  • 7535 – U bag – Sterile Cloth Adhesive New Born Size
  • 7540- U bag – Sterile Cloth Adhesive Premature Size

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