How to Donate Breast Milk

how to donate breast milk

22-07-2019 | Posted in General News

Why We Need Donor Breast Milk?

Breast milk is the ideal food for babies. It gives them all the nourishment they need in their first 6 months, and has important benefits for their health & development – both immediately and as they grow. Breast milk is particularly important for premature and ill babies. However, there are time when mothers of premature babies are unable to provide breast milk.

In situations such as these, the baby may be given breast milk donated by another breastfeeding mother. Their milk is pasteurised by the human milk pasteurising process and stored by a Breast Milk Bank. There is growing evidence that breast milk improves the brain development of infants and that breastfeeding can increase a baby’s brain growth by 20 to 30 per cent, as well as the many other benefits of babies who receive donor milk. Read more on how to donate breast milk…

How to Become a Breast Milk Donor

There are several factors to be aware of when thinking of becoming a breast milk donor such as the following: Further information can be found about this from the NICE Guidelines.

  • Your first donation must be made before your baby is 4 months old and usually must be a minimum of 2 litres
  • You are successfully breastfeeding your baby who is less than 9 months of age
  • The first donation must be within 4 months of starting breastfeeding
  • You are and remain in good health
  • You already have stored milk that your own baby doesn’t need (following the screening process)

When Can You NOT Donate Breast Milk

  • If any member of your household smokes
  • You use any type of nicotine replacement therapy including patches, chewing gum or inhalators (vaping)
  • You take certain medication (acceptable replacement drugs include Thyroxine, Insulin, Ventolin and Mini Pill (Progesterone only)
  • You have had a vaccine to prevent you contracting yellow fever in the last six months
  • You have recently returned from an area of the world where certain infectious diseases are present (according to national guidance)

How Long Can I Donate Breast Milk for?

Milk bank staff will discuss with you how long you can continue to donate milk. There are some circumstances where you may need to stop donating, either for a short time or permanently. Milk bank staff should ask you to contact them to discuss stopping your donations temporarily if you develop a temperature or have been exposed to a virus that causes a rash, such as measles, chicken pox or German measles (also known as rubella)

Where Is My Nearest Human Milk Bank?

In order to find your closest milk bank simply visit the UKAMB – it’s a registered charity that supports milk banking in the UK.

Sterifeed is the UK and World market leader for supplying Pasteurisation Equipment for Donor Human milk banks. For more advice or information feel free to Contact Us.

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